The performing company is comprised of adult dancers with and without disabilities. Their unique abilities and personalities influence the stories told through movements. Through improvisational exercises and the dancers' movement interests, the choreographer develops choreography that tells stories while letting the dancers' voices resonate throughout the piece. Guided by our director of music Andrew Choe, original music is composed that matches the movements of the dancers in a continuous feedback process with the choreographer. The collaboration between these three parties creates unique pieces that blends strong voices to tell powerful stories that are universal to the human experience with an inclusive lens.

Outside of exclusively Abilities Dance produced shows, these pieces have been performed in different showcases and festivals in the Boston area and beyond. Such places include: Third Life Choreographer Series, Green St. Studio's SEEDS showcase, Green St. Studio's Garage Festival, Lacey Sasso & Company's Deeply Rooted, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, and The Series: Vol IV at the Ailey Citigroup Theatre. We are proud of the venues that we have performed in and are eager to participate in more!

We have set repertoire pieces that are available for touring or special events, such as but not limited to, weddings, conferences, business events, and more! See the below videos of set pieces. We are also open to creating pieces based on the event's needs. Please email us at for further inquiries.